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After his 5th week, a photographer offered us a  free picture...even came over to our home for the sitting...let's just say a free picture turns into "ok I'll take em' all".....and let me order extras.....SUCKERS!!!...$$$$.....ouch!

New 100 Day Pics!!!

100 Day - SMILEY

Photo Archive

5 week portrait
Tyson and his buddy
Shy Guy
Ty the Sucker
Hang Loose
Shout out to the Montana Family
Future Home Run Hitter
Mama's boy
Whew!! Sleep finally!!!
I'm Stuffed!!!
Tyson's arrival  3.28.2000
Beautiful Cindy and her new babe
Tyson's First Day Home
More Ty
Laid Back Tyson
Tyson the Hyung